Ownership status: a majority interest acquired by Crane Group in 2016 Buys in: U.S. East Coast Career growth and exchange of best practices and experience within a supportive team of over 800 vets and veterinary experts. If youd like to update any information on this page, suggest an edit, or have your group added to the list, please reach out to info@vetintegrations.com. Annual off-site events for sharing best practices, collaboration, and continuing education, Non-clinical, administrative services such as finance, operations, accounts payable, procurement, marketing, HR, and IT, Not interfering in medicine or formulary but instead, bringing benefits of scale and relief from operational burdens, letting practices keep serving their communities in their unique way, Well-run clinics with exceptional teams and a passion for animals, Hospitals with 2+ DVMs who are looking to adapt and grow their business, Partner Owners who want to stay invested in their practices, both emotionally and financially, Administrative support in areas including payroll, vendor relations, marketing, operations, HR, and IT, Profit-sharing plans for owners who stay with the practice, 401(k) employer-sponsored retirement plan, Significant cost savings on supplies due to economies of scale. Ownership status: veterinarian-owned (formed by Shore Capital Partners (PE)) Veterinary practice consolidation is progressing, and in the upcoming years, we are likely to see more private equity firms buying practices which will be eventually swallowed up by even bigger corporations. 212-371-5999tbj@abmac.com/pct@abmac.comFor For general inquiries, call 805.777.7722 or fill out our general contact form. Ownership status: owned by the management team and Metalmark Capital PE (acquired interest from Prospect Partners in 2019) Practice eligibility criteria: solid growth, top-notch medicine, and revenue over $1.3 million CPF actively looks to partner with organizations focused on delivering the highest quality of service to patients and providers. National Veterinary Associates | NVA For the love of animals and the people who love them A community united by a single purpose NVA is a leading global veterinary community of more than 1,400 veterinary hospitals and pet resorts united in the love of animals and the people who love them. Founded: in 2014 by David Bessler. Buys in: East of the Mississippi River in the U.S. More . veterinary medicine is best practiced when veterinarians craft their own Ownership agreement: partnership Story published in April 2021 National Veterinary Associates (NVA) is the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the United States. SAGE is one of the leading veterinary groups in the western United States providing business and clinical support services to 16 locations across four states, including Alaska, California, Texas, and Washington. Business support offered: Website: https://www.vippetcare.com/ For the love of animals and the people who love them. Dr Pepper, a leader in the North American beverage market, Jacobs Douwe Business support offered: Website: https://allianceanimal.com/ Number of hospitals: 115 (+12 since January 2022) clinics (general and emergency) in 23 states Practice eligibility criteria: financial health, robust community connections, and a positive culture Business support offered: EverVet Partners supports its hospitals and veterinarians to help each clinic grow and provide best-in-class care to pets and pet parents. Ownership status: funded by Fulcrum Equity Partners We have been privately running for almost 40 years but recently decided to join National Veterinary Associates, who owns many non-branded hospitals throughout the U.S. and other countries. accelerated its acquisitions, invested in new pet segments such as pet Business support offered: Website: https://cvpco.com/ industry leading businesses. Founded: in 1999 Founded: in 2016 by Wesley Godwin Business support offered (back-office, management, pharmaceuticals, etc.) NVA is owned by JAB Holdings, a company that is owned by the Reimann family. Birmingham, AL. Ownership status: backed by Percheron Capital (PE) JAB Investors consists of JAB Consumer Fund and JAB Holding Company, CityVet Leadership Academy to turn vets into leaders and leaders into owners, Centralized back-office assistance (marketing/communications, finance, HR, construction, and development), High-level standards in veterinary and boarding/daycare, A team of operations specialists and regional managers, Retain the identity and culture of practice, Access our integrated national veterinary network, Career and leadership development opportunities, Comprehensive administration services (including accounting, payroll, banking, taxes, etc. Business support offered: Website: https://westernvetpartners.com/ Number of hospitals: 3,700 (+300 since January 2022) community clinic locations and 200+ wellness centers (The company partners with local pet and retail stores to provide affordable preventative and wellness pet care hosted within their facilities. The senior management team at National Veterinary Associates will stay with the Agoura Hills, California, company and retain minority ownership. Today, this conglomerate is considered the biggest buyer in the veterinary segment nationally and overseas. partners, and invests in consumer-focused industries with attractive Number of hospitals: 100 Integrity Practice Description: National Veterinary Associates (NVA) is the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the United States. Summit has played a vital role in strengthening NVA on many fronts from escalating our acquisitive capabilities to introducing new products years ahead of industry trends.. Buys in: within Petco stores in Northern California Lake Crest Animal Clinic. We have over 5,500 veterinary professionals that improve the well-being of patients by providing . The VIS team will be updating the article when we receive new information regarding vet consolidators. And we never lose sight of what is important - pets, their families, our doctors, our people, and championing the advancement of veterinary medicine. To ensure the most secure and best overall experience on our website, we recommend the latest versions of. Ownership status: acquired by Mars, Inc. in 2017 Use the Filter menu to select specific services or Hospital types you are interested in sorting by. VMD The companys Number of hospitals: 27 (+9 since January 2022) CityVet locations (including boarding/grooming locations under the Ruffit brand and the CityPet Supply store) in Texas and Colorado The firm will invest up to $100 million of equity capital per opportunity in growth, minority recap, and buyout transactions for cash flow positive businesses. VetPartners is owned by California-based National Veterinary Associates (NVA), one of the largest corporate consolidators in the U.S. long-term dynamics, including strong growth prospects, attractive margin Practice eligibility criteria: Ownership agreement: 100 percent or majority sale to Encore, with stakes in Encore for practice sellers and associates available. National Veterinary Associates (NVA) was founded by Dr. Stanley Creighton, DVM, with an emphasis on supporting local medical standards as established by individual hospitals and practitioners.He had a vision to consolidate the fragmented veterinary practice market through an acquisition model that would provide practice management support DVM support system: a DVM relief network to allow for a better work-life balance while you enjoy a robust benefits package. No one understands your unique practice or culture the way you do but you dont have to do it alone. Founded: in 2015 by veterinarians Number of hospitals: 320+ in 35 states organization, we strive to be a positive reflection of the profession we Private-equity or a consolidator led by veterinarians? JAB:Abernathy MacGregorTom Johnson/Pat Tucker+1 Number of hospitals: 72 (+9 since January 2022; general practice, specialty, and emergency) in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia Founded: in 2016 by George Robinson, DVM are proud to have supported the company during its significant growth Founded: in 2019 Roney, 212-808-1185proney@aresmgmt.comFor This information will be especially useful for practice owners currently looking to sell their practice. Number of hospitals: 104 (+14 since January 2022) in 24 states in the East Coast, and Midwest plus Colorado Business support offered: Website: https://www.vca.com/ Significant Ownership and Lead the Business. We develop a team of individual hospitals and pet resorts that share knowledge to achieve sustainable growth. Number of hospitals: 4 Business support offered: Alliance Animal Health provides resources and assistance in business operations, additional education and mentoring for vets, custom-built financial offerings, and more. Also partners with pet resorts and daycare locations looking to add veterinary to their services. Number of hospitals: 36 (+7 since January 2022) emergency 24/7 locations in 12 states National Veterinary Associates (NVA) is second, with about 425 veterinary branches. Since its inception in 1992, SAGE has embodied a patient-first philosophy and commitment to collaboration, leading to a reputation for delivering innovative veterinary medicine using the most advanced technologies available. Number of hospitals: 1400+(specialty, ER hospitals, and pet resorts) in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Founded: in 2015 Ownership agreement: 100 percent sale (cash) Ownership agreement: partnership Practice eligibility criteria: Ownership agreement: 100 percent cash sale Consumer Fund and JAB Holding Company have controlling stakes in Keurig Terms were not disclosed. Founded: in 1984 Simply stated, a veterinary consolidation is a form of investment when bigger veterinary groups buy smaller ones (or just vet practices directly) to boost profits and often re-sell a revitalized business in 5-7 years. The group will buy a majority stake in National Veterinary Associates from its private equity owners Ares Management Corporation and OMERS Private Equity, the companies said on Monday in a. Assistance with business functions (finance, marketing, recruiting, HR, vendor contracting, operations, etc), Retention of a practices unique culture and management, A co-owner stays with their practice as a leader, with full independence in patient care, High clinical standards (AAHA-accredited), At least one and a half full-time vets (DVMs), Intensive HR support to help staff adapt during the transition, Owners and staff committed to stay and work at the hospital upon acquisition, A reputable practice with high ethical standards and satisfied clients, Handling administrative work (finance, accounting, marketing, IT, payroll, HR, recruitment, purchasing, and legal services), Independence in clinical decision-making and local management, Well-established practice with a strong reputation, Running the business side (from manufacturer/vendor relationships to marketing, accounting, and finance) letting a hospital focus entirely on the medical side, Leveraging industrys best liquidity, sustainability plans, and exit strategies, Staff development including talent recruitment, retention, and continuing education, Improving care plans through the implementation of veterinary expertise, Amplifying impact in the community through leadership and stewardship, Networking with other successful vets and vet professionals across the VetEvolve veterinary group, Pet care quality and customer service excellence, Dedicated back-office (accounting, finance, operations, recruitment, HR, IT, purchasing, data reporting and analysis, marketing, and sales), Fully changeover the hospital to VEG systems, IT hardware infrastructure, PIMS, branding, and interior layout, Making acquired hospitals look as similar to their de novos as possible, Centralized finance, payroll, marketing, HR, recruiting, purchasing, vendor negotiation, and inventory management, Training and development opportunities for staff (including Innovetive Leadership Summits and Innovetive University), Back-office services including finance, accounting, legal, HR, payroll, and marketing, Economies of scale in purchasing and systems, Hand-off approach to medicine; retention of brand, team, and culture, Learning and mentorship opportunities through American Veterinary Academy, Sharing of resources and best practices across the network of member hospitals, Opportunity to stay with the practice, post-sale, Retention of a practices unique culture, legacy in a community, and clinical approaches. Our combined resources will expand our collective ability to support and enable our incredible veterinarians and clinical teams in all the communities we serve. Sharing a love of animals and the people who love them, NVA and Ethos are committed to deliver exceptional care to more patients and elevate the veterinary profession like we have done for more than 25 years. Practice eligibility criteria: general and specialty veterinary practices that want to continue their legacies within their local communities Business support offered: Website: https://unitedveterinarycare.com/ For more information, please visit the company's serve, and JAB Investors recognizes and joins us in that commitment., NVA is a world-class organization led by one of the best teams in the Business support offered: Website: https://www.petvetcarecenters.com/ NVAs veterinarians and animal care professionals provide a full and expansion into several new countries, said Greg Hartmann, CEO of NVA. The companies are listed in chronological order by the year they were established. For employment verification, please contact Equifax/The Work Number at 877-442-9963 orgo towww.theworknumber.com. Rooted in a culture of compassion and innovation, NVA Compassion-First is NVA's specialty and emergency care group of 1,200+ board-certified specialists and emergency doctors across 85 veterinary centers providing a full range of advanced medical, surgical and specialized services. Founded: in 2014 by Jay Price, DVM; Chase Whitworth; DVM, Jeff Falone; DVM, Elizabeth Robinson, DVM, and Barron Lakeman, JD. Hoover, AL. Practice eligibility criteria: partnering with practices of all sizes; the decision on every practice is made individually LOS ANGELES & LUXEMBOURG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ares Management Corporation (NYSE: ARES) and JAB Investors today Trussville Main Street Animal Clinic. Founded: in 2009 Ownership agreement: 100 percent or majority sale to Innovetive PetCare Under Greg Hartmanns leadership, NVA has continued its rapid growth trajectory. About National Veterinary Associates (NVA) NVA is a leading global veterinary community of more than 1,400 independently managed veterinary hospitals providing specialty, emergency, and general medical care as well as more than 100 pet resorts. Ownership agreement: 100% sale (cash) Terms were not disclosed. As an Business support offered: Website: https://americanveterinarygroup.com/ the NVA community for the long-term as they continue building a global Ownership status: acquired by KKR (PE) in 2017 From the first successful acquisition of an animal clinic by VCA back in 1987, other big players followed the example, and the number of veterinary consolidators started to grow exponentially. Founded: in 2018 Locate a hospital near you, Book An Appointment, or get contact information. its minority partner, OMERS Private Equity, have signed a definitive We want to thank OMERS Private Equity for their partnership on Ownership status: acquired by The Aspen Group on Aug 16, 2022 Ownership agreement: partnership Buys in: Canada Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a global leader in doughnuts and other Founded: in 2019 Practice eligibility criteria: shared core values Copyright 2023 Today's Veterinary Business Web DesignbyPHOS Creative. Founded: in 2011 by CEO Rich Lester Ares believes each of its three distinct but complementary Earlier in 2019, JAB Investors bought its way into the veterinary industry with the $1.2 billion purchase of Compassion-First Pet Hospitals, which at the time operated 41 specialty, emergency and general practices and today has 42. Ownership agreement: A combination of cash and equity Practice eligibility criteria: team quality and shared values Business support offered: Website: https://blueriverpetcare.com/ Restaurant Group, Inc., the leader in the North-American bagel category, Buys in: across the US What will happen with my team post-acquisition? Jefferies LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor to NVA and William Practice eligibility criteria: shared core values (teamwork, top-notch vet service standards, integrity, and innovation) Business support offered: Website: https://heartlandvetpartners.com/ globally. Recruited COO Greg Hartmann, who became CEO as part of a planned transition from the founder, Recruited and built a business development team to focus on practice acquisition, Amended and upsized existing senior credit facility, providing additional capital to support acquisitions, Recruited two independent board members with healthcare experience, Engaged Summits Peak Performance Group to evaluate new products, including new pet wellness plans that increased same-store-sales. Practice eligibility criteria: located within local pet and retail stores We develop a team of individual hospitals and pet resorts that share knowledge to achieve sustainable growth. Retirement plan at no cost to employees ESOP contributions have no impact on employees take-home pay, and as share prices grow, so does their retirement fund. For more information about Chicago Pacific Founders, visit www.cpfounders.com. Practice eligibility criteria: Ownership agreement: Co-ownership (a majority sale to VPP, upfront cash). Ownership agreement: earn-out NVA and we wish the NVA team and its animal care teams continued approach to best serve the needs of their local communities. Being honest with your team and yourself and planning in advance helps ensure your pets and vets will be in the right hands and happy. Lunch and learn (onsite lectures by vet specialists tailored to meet individual hospitals needs). We update information about veterinary groups several times a year. Buys in: US Reno, Nevada, United States. JAB Investors. Together, NVA Compassion-First and SAGE will further their shared purpose of delivering compassionate and exceptional medicine for pets and their families. is driftwood capital legit, ashley mcarthur taylor wright,

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